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Soak it up. Remember how powerful you are. You're making an impact! It might be hard for you to see eye to eye with your partner or perhaps someone you report to at work. The important thing for you to remember today is to not take their actions or behavior personally as it isn't a reflection of you. It's a reflection of them.

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Own your "stuff" only. It's possible that you can be taking on way too much today in trying to get a plan or vision off the ground. While you shouldn't ditch your plans entirely, you may need to take a brand new approach or direction in order to get to where you want to go. These kinds of things take time. Today is a big day, as the Sun leaves romantic and carefree Libra for the depths of passionate and seductive Scorpio by the early afternoon.

With Scorpio season kicking off, the spotlight will be shining on our desires, passions, and our approach to intimacy. Since communicative Mercury and love planet Venus have already been in Scorpio for the past couple of weeks, having the Sun join the party brings more attention to the dirty, sexy, and all-consuming areas of our lives. Later in the afternoon, the Moon moves into analytical Virgo, keying up the desire to get rid of what we don't need as well as the need for self-discipline, especially as the Virgo Moon teams up with the Scorpio Sun just moments later.

With Scorpio season being associated with the theme of rebirth, the craving for something fresh continues into the late night with the Virgo Moon teaming up with unconventional Uranus in Taurus. How do you keep things running like a well-oiled machine? Well, your homework for today is to work on getting rid of or scaling back on the things that are hampering your ability to do things as efficiently as possible. This may include taking care of money matters you've been avoiding. Romance is in the air for you today, and it's possible that you could make a love connection while engaging one of your passions or having fun.

If you're already in a relationship, today encourages you and your honey to get some quality time in. Keep company with someone you love. Home and family life take center stage for you now, which makes today a great time for taking care of any outstanding home related tasks on your to-do list. This could include organizing your living space and getting rid of stuff you don't need.

A family member could also use your help. Your creative gifts are amplified now, making today the perfect time to jump-start a creative project or pick one back up. Honor your ideas and your instincts now as they're on point.

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Meanwhile, in matters of the heart, you could meet someone via your social circle. Couples: mix it up. Stability and security are on your mind today and as a result, you might work on your budget or look at ways that you can better manage your money. While dealing with money can usually be a source of anxiety, today sends you some encouragement that you're on the right track.

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Today could be quite a busy day for you, which means that you may need to be careful with who and what you give your attention to. That said, you have the power of persuasion and communication on your side.

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Use it to speak what you want into existence. Speak your truth. If you've been worried about a financial matter, it's possible that you could get the resolution that you've been looking for to this situation. At the very least, the situation could begin showing signs of improvement. Still, remember you're not defined by what you have or don't. Happy Birthday season, Scorpio! Today you're reminded that when it comes to your hopes and wishes, you've got the confidence, creativity, and the talent to make them come true.

Too, you've also got people in your corner that want to help. Give them some room and let them. Your focused is called to your goals and ambitions today which requires that you pull back from the outside noise of the world and put your attention solely on you and your work.

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Doing so also requires that you do this from a place of replenishment, not from a place of depletion. You might find yourself full of vision and inspiration today, which should give you the wind beneath your sails that you've been needing. You have the power to make a big impact with your ideas, knowledge, and creative talents. Know that things work best when you take the off beaten path. You could receive some sort of acknowledgement today that you're on the right path in terms of your career or goals.

Perhaps this acknowledgement could arrive in the form of a sound business decision or you could simply find yourself feeling more empowered in what you do. Partnership is spotlit for you today, and if you want to get something you've been envisioning off the ground, this is the perfect time to join forces with someone with skills that matches or compliments your own.

Working with a mentor or perhaps being a mentor can be rewarding. It's a day that was made for work and productivity with the Moon in responsible Virgo.

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Under the Virgo Moon, we might find ourselves feeling the urge to get busy, organized, and real. Then, with the Moon teaming up with hardworking Saturn in Capricorn by the late afternoon, we'll get the discipline and the strength needed to make good on a commitment, solve a tough problem, and handle our business.

By the evening, the Virgo Moon goes on to oppose dreamy Neptune in Pisces, which can be helpful for bringing something we've been envisioning to life. On the flip side, this Moon-Neptune combo can make it difficult to see the facts in front of us, which means that we'll need to tap into our intuition for answers or hold off on making any major decisions. You're on top of your game now. At the moment, it's all about taking care of things on the backend that are pending so you can free yourself up and get back to conquering the world.

Know that the work you're putting in now is leading to something bigger, even if you don't see immediate results. With your creative energy at a high now, you have everything needed to bring a project to life. To do so will take some patience and commitment, but you've got those gifts in spades. What you really need now is some hope and some faith.

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  8. Believe in your talent. If you've been feeling a bit tender or run down, today reminds you of how strong and resilient you really are. Not that it's not OK to get tired sometimes. It is. And if you find yourself still feeling run down, today is also the perfect time to lean on those that you call family. You are loved.

    You've got the power to make some big things happen today, though it will require initiating some grown-up conversations or talks with a gatekeeper or influential person to get results. Your mind is sharp now, making this the perfect time to get your words and ideas out into the world. When it comes to your finances, you might need to put in some extra effort to get things on track — but it's not impossible. Recognize that the self-discipline you're exhibiting with your money habits will literally pay off for you.

    At the same time, remember that money doesn't make you. The spotlight is on you and what you're feeling, making it important that you do something for yourself that makes you feel good. For now, it's all about you being your authentic self, unfiltered. So, where can you allow yourself to be yourself a little more? Through pure joy. You might find yourself feeling a bit lonely or isolated today, but it's important for you to remember that being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely.

    Today, seek out ways that you can enjoy your own company. You can use the time-out as it will give you time to recharge.

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    A friend or someone you know could be your ace in the hole today, specifically where it relates to your career or something you've been planning. An important conversation could lead to an opportunity, so keep your eyes and ears open. Creatively, you're making a name for yourself. You can hit a major milestone in your career now, or at the very least you're on your way. As such, be mindful about judging yourself based off of someone else's achievements.