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Earth signs are physical, which means these personalities are far more concerned with actions over words.

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Those born to this shrewd, detail-driven sign make expert attorneys and lawyers, particularly when focused on constitutional law, drafting legislature, and presiding over contractual agreements. Earth signs are often the business-focused artisans of the zodiac.


Hence, a Virgo-Taurus-Capricorn team might just be an unstoppable alliance! Virgo will poke and prod relentlessly until they feel an equitable solution has been found, Taurus might pout and roll their eyes passive-aggressively, but Capricorn will take an icy tack and completely pull out until they get their way in business arrangements.

Both Capricorn and Taurus have a rep for being more materialistic and greedy, but unlike their Bull siblings, Seagoats are much too concerned with their dignity and will not allow themselves to be swept by their emotions. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, blessing these personalities with an edge in the race to the top. As a Cardinal sign, Capricorns are clever, witty, and are driven to win at all things they take on.

Capricorn Horoscope 12222

These signs prefer to be the first in their field, stirring the pot to really get things cooking. For Capricorn, this means those born under this sign are self-starters and innovators in business and their profession, yet finishing is always a big challenge for Cardinal signs who tend to always have a lot of pots boiling on the stove.

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In fact, negativity is often a major motivator to Capricorn on the road to success. Capricorns are born of undeniably strong stock, impressing and obliviating others with their obsessive willingness to power through hard work. Still, you can count on Capricorn to play fair and by the rules—these signs are no cheaters. Colleagues, friends, and observers of Capricorn might only see the surface of a traditional, buttoned-up work ethic and wonder if this sign can truly enjoy the bounty of their earnings in their lifetime.

Capricorn is ruled by the skin, bones, teeth and knees. Since the skeletal structure is ruled by Cap, these folks have an unshakable stature, even making the more slender, willowy types seem like ancient oaks. Generally, their overall appearance invokes an impression of sternness, solidity, depth, and maturity. That can mean Capricorns look older than they are, often giving them very early access to parts of society usually reserved for those beyond their years hello, fake I.

You betcha.

How to attract a Capricorn man

Their eyebrows tend to be thick and full, a prominent feature that is commonly the only show of emotion on their faces. A thin, stern upper lip rarely cracks a smile, rather concealing their feelings in deep contemplation, but when they do they tend to reveal a broad, dazzling smile that completely changes the landscape of their face. Their personal style is marked by an earthy neutrality and ordinariness; like sibling earth sign Virgo, Capricorn abhors sticking out in a crowd.

Usually, Caps are far more concerned with function over aesthetics, adhering to practicality in their wardrobes over artful tastes.

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This sign is one of the most likely to live by monochromes, all-black, and earthy neutrals, being particular to browns, khakis, and all shades of gray but especially classic charcoal. Still, Capricorn seems effortlessly graceful in their conservative dress. Capricorns do need to take special care of their feet—they tend to be larger than average and comically prone to injury or wear and tear. As a rule, Capricorn is incredibly picky with who they choose to keep close.

Some personalities will adopt an icy exterior to combat unwelcome solicitations—or to hide their shyness under a fierce sheen—but most will be coolly polite, even coy, in an effort to remain friendly and non-threatening. Seagoats get on famously with other earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn, but especially Virgo, who shares a stoicism and obsession with work and details.

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Earthy Capricorn is surprisingly nourished and emotionally changed by the powerful intuition of water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces , though some are more intense than others, making them too hot to handle for conventional Caps. Contrary to what you might read in your daily horoscope, love compatibility is more complicated than just which Sun signs go together or not, but understanding how Capricorn thinks and feels will go a long way towards deepening and securing your relationship together. Here are 5 ways to capture that Capricorn heart. Capricorn is a rather serious and grown up sign , and often feels weighed down with responsibilities and the cares of the world.

Your Capricorn lover likes partners who can be serious too, as the big stuff in life really matters to him or her. Ideally for romantic compatibility, Capricorn needs a partner who can balance seriousness with fun and some spontaneity. For your Capricorn lover, true romance means getting the bills paid on time in order to keep you both out of financial trouble — or perhaps tidying your desk for you, or some other practical gesture.