You should continue your efforts in every work. Your interest in doing social service will give you respect. You will travel a lot during this period which sometimes makes you irritate.

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You should never give up on personal matters, and keep trying for betterment in the situation. Your health seems to be perfectly alright for you.

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Gemini General: This year would be a roller coaster ride for you. You would be daring, fresh and capable of handling challengi Gemini Career and Business: Your efforts would be acknowledged at your workplace and there may be offers, promotions, and rise in position Gemini Love and Relationships: This year, there shall be happiness in your family. There may be more expectations from your family members up Gemini Money and Finances: This year, there shall be no deficit in your financial prospects.

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However, you would give away money out of af Gemini Education and Student: You may face distractions in education. This may be a passionate month for you, not only in terms of love and romance but in terms of your creative energy too. Now's your time to take center stage and shine your light as brightly as possible into the world.


And take it easy on yourself while you're at it. Make self-love and nurturing a priority. You can expect some major developments when it comes to your home and family life this month. Perhaps you might find yourself moving, relocating, or expanding your family in some way.

This month may also push you to break away from unhealthy family or friendship dynamics. Boundaries will be a priority. It's time for a shift in perspective.


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Expect to release an old way of thinking or communicating with others, especially if it's held you back from getting what you want. Look to ways to expand your mind with new info and experiences. Money improves as does the job market. Take better care of your health. It's all about the money this month and it's possible you could end up making more of it, or at the very least, looking to ways that you can make more and save more too.

Know your worth when it comes to negotiating offers. You're the cosmic fave this month and folks will be fawning over you. Have fun! With your birthday season in full swing, don't think that the cosmos is going to let you leave the party empty handed.

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With a bevy of planets working on your behalf this month, your glow-up will be both glorious and inevitable. Method 1. Use an online calculator to determine your rashi. Although finding your sun sign is fairly simple, finding your moon sign can be a pretty complicated process. While the sun sign changes every month or so, the moon sign rashi changes every 2. Use an online calculator to do the calculations for you, or go to a Vedic astrology expert to find your rashi. Enter your date, time, and place of birth into the calculator.

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Vedic astrology uses fixed zodiacs based on the actual constellations, so it's important to know the exact details of your birth to ensure accuracy. If you have a birth certificate, check it before entering your information into the online calculator. Your birth-influenced rashi is considered to govern major parts of your life, such as marriage, journey, and important work. To find your zodiac, you can also use the first few letters or characters in your name. If you calculate rashis for both your birth information and your name, you may end up with 2 conflicting zodiacs.

Generally, a name-calculated rashi will be more connected to predictions for your career, home, and daily routine work. Familiarize yourself with the Zodiac and the 12 rashis.

About Planetary Positions

Vedic astrologists describe the Zodiac as a degree imaginary circular band in the cosmos, divided into 12 rashis. Your moon sign depends on which part of that circle, or rashi, the moon was in when you were born. In order to understand your moon sign, look over the list of rashis and familiarize yourself with their meaning. Method 2.

Learn more about your unique personality traits through your rashi.