Monthly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

It enables you to make right decisions and prepare for the worst. As defined, monthly horoscope is a detailed version of weekly horoscope and highlights numerous planetary movements, transits and positions over a course of month when predicting for a specific zodiac sign. Natives are provided with the information about what aspects might prove to be auspicious or inauspicious for them throughout this month, things they should look forward to, activities to refrain from and spiritual undertakings.

Our team of skilled astrologers follow a specific set of rules and guidelines to ensure the accuracy of predictions. These predictions give a sense of power to the native and help him to remain calm, composed and prepared during the time of turbulence. It allows the native to kick-start the month in a planned manner and stay away from negativity. One can gain solutions on various aspects if life such as career, education, profession, love, marriage, wealth, family, kids, relationships and so on.

Every kind of people live in our society. Some are believers of astrology and horoscopes , whereas some relate the occurences to science and practical logic. The intense study of these astronomical objects only tells about their effects and side effects in a person's life.

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When calculating, position of the transiting planets is also kept in mind, such as position of moon in which zodiac sign or which planet is in motion. As we all know that there are 30 days in a month and 12 months in a year. From the beginning of every month, one starts planning for the next 30 days. Curiosity takes over and natives think of ways to get through the month, In this case, the monthly horoscope acts as a prediction for them. In today's world, people think more about the future than present. Monthly horoscope predictions give us information related to life problems, bad health, benefits, losses, travel, property, family etc.

As we all know that there are 12 zodiac signs according to Astrology -.

All these signs have their weaknesses, strengths, attributes, attitude towards people and desires. Here are some benefits:. At AstroSage, we help you find out what your monthly horoscope or kundli says about your life. AstroSage predicts your monthly horoscope by analysing the position of Moon during the time of your birth. Read along and find what stars have in the box for you.

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March monthly horoscope

You are doing such a good job. HI,positivelyastro,, i had relationship, nearly 3 years, since september break up,, i am taurs, 3 may ,, and you said jupiter is sure bring back, the relation missed, but i never seen yet, can tel me exactly, thank. With Jupiter in your love and fun zone currently I would advise you to get out there and meet someone new!

You have lovely aspects for dating now. I would try online dating or attending fun social events! I really appreciate your work, It is really helpful and I love reading about zodiac signs. I believe they are true and everyone should read about their own signs. Sorry for delay. Every week has brought a different set of bad news. That darn Saturn!! Thanks for posting, yes Saturn can be burden and very difficult…Can we really learn from all these as sometimes its just too hard to comprehend and keep head above water…?

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Thank you for all the great work you do. Your horoscopes are very accurate and as such, Every month I eagerly awaits your postings.

Monthly Horoscope For dragon

With this in mind, the last couple months have been very difficult and as such, was wondering if I can have a personal reading. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that your predictions have been missed. I am sure things will ease out for you too and looking forward to your posts in the near future. Really glad you posted an updated Lauren PA!

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Thanks Lauren for all the good work you have done till now! Wish you best of health and happiness always!

Most important of all, you need to look on calmly and see the situation clearly before taking any action. Besides, keep a low profile and play it safe. With respect to the unstable luck for wealth, you'd better not stop the major invest to avoid great losses. You will enjoy the up to average health and need to watch the water safety while swimming, fishing or boating. As for love relationship, show mutual understanding to each other in view of the undercurrent.

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Your fortune will be on the slide, leading to more hardships for which you should be mentally prepared. At work, you will face complicate matters and find it hard to finish anything. During the period, you should stick to your own standpoint and never swim with the tide for the sake of a foothold. Subject to the poor luck for wealth, you will suffer money losses easily once you are not careful enough; do not reveal wealth unintentionally, or you will be robbed. In terms of health, you will be prone to liver and lung problems and need to have a good rest and be moderate in wine and women.

You Dragons will be in good luck and all the bad luck will go away, together with the difficulties in work and personnel disputes. Therefore, it will be the good time for you to strive for the best.

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Come down to earth at work and concern with facts rather than individuals. Otherwise, the partial attitude will affect your future. This month, you will get more pay for more work and reap as you sow. The greatly improved luck for wealth will bring you plentiful income from both work and windfall. Quite popular among people, you will improve the love relationship a lot. Your fortune will become worse rapidly. At work, you will face more problems and personnel disputes which will delay your work. During the period, you need to handle the business carefully and pay attention to health, or it will affect your future a lot.

While going out, pay close attention to safety to avoid any disasters of blood. In view of the declined luck for money, you'd better not make any major investment, or it will be too late to regret. In addition, take precautions against financial losses by fraud. Your love relationship will be quite fragile, so do not act on impulse. Your fortune will be on the up. Despite the obstacles at the beginning of the month, it will turn good from the middle of the month.

The disputes at work do not completely subside and you might be up to your neck in it once no proper measure is taken. Try to improve the interpersonal relationship, take the initiative to communicate, and be more tolerant and considerate. In view of the mixed luck for wealth, you'd netter not be greedy. Though in good health, you still need to stay away from alcohol and tobacco, especially drug. At the year end, you Dragon people will be quite blessed. Once you take the opportunity, you will gain a lot. The obstacles at work will disappear and the personnel disputes which have dogged you for a long time will quiet down.

In the month, work together with your coworkers to accomplish something and create a brilliant future. Blessed in luck for wealth, you will make profitable investment in property or business. Do not eat and drink too much even to keep the good health. Besides, you will be busy in social intercourse and enjoy the colorful emotional life. January January 25th — February 22nd, Though blessed by the lucky stars, you Dragons can be also affected by the inauspicious star ''Jie Sha'', for which you have to be careful and manage with assiduity to avoid any mistakes.

With pretty good luck for wealth, you will get abundant income and may properly invest to earn profits but never be greedy. The luck in love can be good, and you need to seize the moment to start a relationship; for married Dragon people, you need to be aware of an illegal affair and always keep in mind that "faith" is a virtue and family is a haven.

This month's fortune can be general. Underneath the stable development will be the dangerous sign of crisis in career. Be compatible with others at work, or you might be set up by the bad guys. Despite the rise and fall in wealth horoscope, you can be lucky for windfall and may invest in ventures with spare money.