Leo 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

The last quarter of the year would see you in goodness, however much workload is possible.

Daily horoscopes: February 19, 12222

Hence take ample time out for rest and relaxation. For the year , the planets are positioned as such, that there would be a rift or separation from family for most Leo guys.

You will find it quite difficult to align with family and its needs through the year. Some sort of compromise is called for, else home suffers.

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And you ought to make major sacrifices to keep family relationships and finances intact. Take ample time to evaluate the issues at home and find ways and means to solve it in a more positive sense. Around the middle of the year, the planets tend to bring about some worries and anxieties in the domestic front. Better communication would be the key for goodness here. As the year ends, some radical changes are likely on the home-front for Leo guys.

Leo natives are advised to observe patience and perseverance though the year to achieve their goals in life. Also a sense of self-disciple is asked for these days. Do not try to overdo things, instead make amends be it personal or professional. For Leo natives, Saturn in your home would be in square aspect with Mars. This would bring obstructions and hindrances of sorts.

Health Horoscope

Be prepared to handle theses. It guides you to a belief that brings about the right positive attitude. Learn about the wonders of life and try to enjoy life as it comes your way. January is not a good time to start big ventures, Leo. Garner your strength and look for strategies to win big. Success eludes you for now but comes in the ensuing months. February brings about new respite in your life. If you are after finances, then this is not the time. And then if you are spiritually bent then the month is much favourable for your pursuits. Particularly the first half of the month.

You remain highly motivated this period. Do look at the bigger picture out there instead of focussing on the smaller things around. Being picky would not take you places. March proves to be quite troublesome for Leo guys as some of the planets like Venus, Uranus and Neptune are in opposition deg to your sign.

Your senses would be stimulated and you are likely to indulge these days. You would be full of energy, fun and frolic fill your days. Romance is also on the cards for some Leo guys this March. Go ahead and enjoy!! April seems to be a fantastic month for Leo people. Saturn and Neptune are in opposition deg now and this works out for you favorably. You enter a calm and serene period now. And compassion and feelings rule over you these days. But then stay clear of being too judgemental of others as Saturn compels you to do so.

You are likely to motivate many around this April. Use this period to hone up your skills as well. Look out for some social, charity or spiritual works that would give you an inner harmony. For Leo guys, Saturn is placed in your sign this May And its is favorably aspected by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn helps you to think constructively and Neptune works with your ideals and dreams.

And Jupiter helps to organize your thoughts and dreams through proper channels. You are highly motivated all this month. A good time to hold onto your visions.

Leo Horoscope for February - WeMystic

Working on with some social and charity organizations would give you peace and solace. Also brings happiness and positive vibes around. Saturn is and has been in your sign for quite sometime now and this makes you quite contemplative in nature. And Saturn in your sign is opposed deg by Neptune which makes the time ripe for pilgrimages or spiritual pursuits.

A good time to organize your professional or personal life. Around the middle of June, Venus enters your sign and this brings about love and warmth around. Positive energy would start radiating from you. This month also favors accomplishment of some bigger motives of you. Leo folks have the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in opposition deg to their sign.

The Leo Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

And the Sun is in your sign. You may feel the need to withdraw and spend time with yourself, to rediscover your inner world, or practice some psychological or spiritual discipline, which not only facilitates your progress on the evolutionary path, but also allows you to share your experience with others. The sessions of meditation , prayer or even the practice of relaxation techniques independently of your religious line are well aspected during this season.

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